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Unlock 5 hours per week in your busy calendar

How would you spend an extra 5 hours per week?

  • Grow your business
  • Spend time with family
  • Escape the daily grind
  • Make your vision a reality


I help busy professionals optimize their performance and well-being to accomplish more. Click here to learn if coaching is the right fit for you.

Coaching Services




We'll start by tracking your productivity to create a detailed assessment of where you spend your working hours and how to improve your productivity to unlock 5 hours per week.



Now we can begin to develop better business habits around how you work, streamlining your productivity, and focusing on what will have the greatest impact on your practice.



Creating sustainable habits can be challenging. Once we've identified and began building better business habits, we'll create the support you need in making these new changes stick - for good.


What Others Are Saying

  • Ron-Watt-Profile
    As an independent consultant, I was struggling to land my next role and losing runway. I discovered how to identify my essential tasks to position myself for new opportunities through Scott’s coaching. Eating the frog each day, I was able to reposition my role with targeted placement firms and received a dramatic upswing in interest, invitations, and opportunities for placement.
    Ron Watt
    Independent Consultant
  • sarah-berube
    After undertaking a two-year program in my career, I began to lose sight of my long-term aim. Faced with difficult choices around my professional future and how to prioritize my time accordingly. Working with Scott helped me realize the importance of my initial goal at a crucial point in my career. Now, with a clear vision for the future, we are working together to assess what other competencies I need to reach short and mid-term goals along the way.
    Sarah Bérubé
    Policy analyst, Government of Canada
  • ari-gunzburg-testimonial
    Scott has a way with words and with people! He finds the crux of the problem and helps clarify the issues to help you move forward with what you are doing. By using his strategies and finding a way to move past whatever barriers you are dealing with, Scott can help you get to that next step, that next moment, and unlock so much more in your life.
    Ari Gunzburg
    Keynote and Motivational Speaker
  • chris peacock
    When I came to Scott, I was feeling very disorganized and overwhelmed. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and not getting to the things that would grow my business. Scott helped me put into place systems to develop greater focus, organize my calendar more effectively and create strategies to overcome procrastination. Now I am accomplishing more of what will move my business forward each and every day!
    Chris Peacock
    Owner of 2Beinflow Neurofeedback Services
  • Dr.Luc-Mahler
    Scott’s 1-on-1 coaching and OptimizeU Productivity Audit helped me develop the systems I needed to stay on track and focused. By identifying areas for growth, we created strategies to avoid distractions and work effectively, which ultimately gave me more time. With greater control of my schedule, I am now more proactive with my day rather than reacting to what comes up.
    Dr. Luc Mahler
    The Movement Co.
  • matt-thibeau-testimonial
    As my business was growing, I began to feel increasingly overwhelmed and anxious. Scott taught me how to be proactive towards responding to client’s demands rather than be reactive, protecting my time and energy. Now, I wake up each morning feeling less anxious and more focused to propel my business forward.
    Matt Thibeau
    CEO at Savant Marketing Agency
  • As someone self-employed, I was struggling with being productive and achieving momentum in my day-to-day tasks. Scott’s coaching helped me shift habits that weren’t serving me and implement changes in time-management that had a significant impact on my business. Now I feel less overwhelmed, in control of my time and working with greater productivity I am gaining momentum on my goals.
    Vanessa Arseneau
    Motivational speaker, trainer and relocation coach
  • As an entrepreneur, I was struggling with a decision to move our business forward, facing doubts about a strategy I had put in place. During our first session, Scott directed the conversion in a way to show me I had the answer all along. Our initial meeting was so successful in shifting my thinking, I decided to sign up for additional sessions. Since successfully implemented the growth strategy we discussed, I continue to meet with Scott to keep my business goals on track.
    Samer Biladi
    CEO @ CORC

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